All-in-One School Management System

Follow the students, Appease the parents and Pilot your goals

Welcome to Myskool

Unlike the rest of the market, MySkool is the only software that creates a Cloud of the different administrative panels, creating singularity and synergy on the management and control of the different school resources. This school management system allows the alignment of the educational vision of the institution with the software developed. Thus, we produce a system that fits with your institution’s goals, guaranteeing continuous technical assistance and customized digital training.

Four reasons to try Myskool

Flow of easy to understand information among the four subjects that shape a school: Parents, students, teachers and staff.

Activity reports of the various subjects, practical, easy to understand and that help the billing of the institution.

Allows the directory to work as a consultant.

Environmentally friendly service! Reduces the usage of paper used by schools.

We join all our efforts to create the best management tool for your business and we love it!

We are a young team, entrepreneur, dedicated, with guts and continuously looking for ideas that can make life easier for others

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