EpicAnt is the perfect online platform for project and clients management that helps freelancers to quickly gather information and analyze all the relevant one.

Organize your tasks, track customer relationships, make an inventory of all your items, invoice and also manage your projects.

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Why EpicAnt

Our work is outstanding


It is a fast, easy, simple software, with epic features for your future work.


Simplifies your life and organize all you data and information


Contributes to a higher productivity and a more efficient management of your projects and work


Gathers all your information and all your tasks in one simple online platform.


In the end of the day, it saves you time to care about what really matters: your projects and clients

Epic Features

The ultimate epic tool for your business


This is the front page of EpicAnt. It is a complete dashboard, where you can see all of your work. It provides you information about payments, invoices and projects through graphs, which show statistics of all your activity.

Project manager

Here you can create a full list with all of your projects, the recent ones and the projects that are already closed, but still you have to keep in touch with. You also can see all of the information and the data about these projects, in a more detailed way.

Clients manager

This is an area designed only for your clients and their information. Here you can put all the essential and needful data: their personal contact, address, company, e-mail, all the features required to keep in track with them.


Invoice management: you can send invoices, if you need to inform or remember your clients about the payment, or you can manage them, when the payment is already done and you want to close or file an invoice.

Items manager

It gives you the opportunity to manage all of your items. It’s an online storage, where you can make a list of all the materials you need daily.


General settings, which includes the freelancer profile, where you can change your information or add and user anytime you want, payment activation through a Paypal account, and also system upgrades, to make sure that you have always the latest version of EpicAnt.

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